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You can easily Click here to see the front page of this site. But before you

do, permit me to say that I've created this page specifically for anyone on twitter

who wants to find out more about clevercelt, without having to trawl through, what

can prove for some to be an oddly quirky and confusing, website, particularly for those

people almost terminally accustomed to advert packed standard cloneware tripe,

the standard gank that currently stuffs up the whalewide interweb pipes of today.


I'm constantly amazed that anyone would, of their own volition,

actually want to endure my idiosyncratic microblogging,

But hey, here you are, so for your information and maybe amusement,

there follows some personal links which may help you decide whether

you want my words, links, thoughts etc in your twitterstream.

Even if you decide against all that, thanks for visiting anyway. - ( Here's that front page I warned you about earlier !) - oh dear, the real me as WIP in drupal - gawd.

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Libarything - all us writers read too u know

Rhizome Profile - ok I admit it, I can be 'arty' sometimes

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Older Education - Formal M.A. degree in UK

Current Education - PhD Candidate in Digital Creativity Pathfinding (Yup)

My Goggle Reader Selections - stuff that doesn't get to delicious or Friendfeed (writer centric) - My kinda rant on modern storytelling (old) - Micks New plan for world domination (Now very old)

Ouroboros Link - circular connection back to twitter profile page you probably came from.


You'll also find me on www. Netpoetic, Drupal, Bitbucket, Triggerstreet,

zoetrope, the artful writer, last fm,,, the stinging fly, DMF, Ning & other forums

Google Groups - where I'm on the IF (Interactive Fiction) and also

the rec. (more of same but games angle) and a few

other groups concerned with transliteracy, digital life, digital writing or similar topics.


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So real name Michael J. Maguire, friends call me 'Mick'.

'clevercelt is the name I've been using on the web for over ten years now.

(although the occassional spammer has used it too.. ......)


main interest is in technological creatvity / creative technology.

I write/make, or have made: games, films, multimedia stories, poems, plays and other 'stuff'.

I really do like comedy and humor writing / scriptwriting / making / creating.

But most of all I like people.


Adverts annoy me, especially when they gobble 50% + of my screen real estate.

Connect somewhere and maybe we'll talk, which actually means I get to listen...


now why would anyone in their right mind want to copyright stuff like this ? 2009 (c)